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Trade in Services

This component addresses issues relating to the implementation of GATS commitments in China (except in those areas covered by other EU-China cooperation projects). The component involves policy dialogue about the negotiations under GATS in the WTO and the sharing of EU experience in the regulation of different services sectors. Joint research on the classifications and statistics of services in China聽are also聽an important horizontal issue of this component.

For inquiries relating to this component, please contact:
Mr. Casper Jacobsen

聽聽Upcoming Projects
Comparative Study - Ministry of Construction - Jan - Apr 2006

聽聽Completed Projects
Comparative Study on International Service Outsourcing
Comparative study - Outsourcing of Services
Workshop - Civil Aviation Competition Regulation - 23 Feb 2006
Study Tour - Bilateral Trade in Service Statistics - Nov 2005
Workshop - Opening and Administration of Legal Services Sector - 8-9 Dec 2005
EU-China Civil Aviation Summit
Forum - Service Industry - 9 -10 Jun 2005
Translation and Publication - Guide to the GATS
Study Tour - EU Experience in the Liberalization of the Legal Services Market - May 2005
Report - Deregulation of China's Aviation Sector
Study - Distribution Sector
Study - Travel Industry Impact
Internship - Civil Aiviation - Mar - Jun 2005