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Legal and Legislative Affairs

This component addresses general legislative, legal and judicial aspects of the implementation by China of WTO rules and commitments. These include increasing the transparency of the legislative process relevant to WTO, like notification procedures and opportunity to comment聽on proposed legislation by both domestic and foreign interested parties. It is also linked with the implementation of WTO related legislation at the local level as well as with the development of an administrative appeals system required by a number of WTO agreements and core obligations such as national treatment by both the central and local governments. A particular emphasis of this component is enforcement of intellectual property rights in cooperation with judicial and enforcement authorities. This component also deals with Government procurement issues.

For inquiries relating to this component, please contact:
Mr. Alexander van Kemenade

聽聽Upcoming Projects
Study - Judicial Review and Uniform Implementation of Legislation
Study–Public Consultation
Study – Government Procurement Reform in China
Research - Traditional Knowledge

聽聽Completed Projects
Conference - Government Procurement - 16 May 2006
Comparative Study - The Legislation Protecting Intellectual Property Rights and its Enforcement
Intership - SIPO internship in DG Internal Market
Seminar - Government Procurement
IP Enforcement Seminar China-EU-Japan

聽聽EU-China IP Working Group
EU-China IP Working Group