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Quality Standards & Quarantine (TBT/SPS)

This component addresses issues relating to the implementation of the TBT and SPS Agreements in China. This affects the quality infrastructure of the country and addresses the need for a transition from a system of governmental technical regulations to market oriented voluntary standards prepared by interested stakeholders. Conformity assessment procedures of products and technical standards are developed in a similar way. Special emphasis is given to issues of food safety, animal health and plant protection, and therefore to relevant international standards and the role of scientific advice in this context.

For inquiries relating to this component, please contact:
Mr.Casper Jacobsen

聽聽Completed Projects
EU-China Seminar on toy safety and social & environmental standards,13 -14th/Jul,2006
Symposium - EU-China CSR Symposium - 12 July 2006
Study Tour - Cosmetics - 16-23 October 2005
Conference - Intellectual Property in Telecommunications Industry
Seminar -Technical Regulations and Standards in the Mechanical and Electro-technical Sectors - 17-18 Oct 2005
MOFCOM Workshop - World Trade Report 2005 - 5 September 2005
Conference - Chinese and European Pracice of Certification - 20 September 2004
Study Tour - Fusel - 4-12 September 2004
Seminar - Better Regulatory Practice - 22 June 2004
Toys Regulatory Seminar - 14-15 July 2005
Internship - AQSIQ Internship Programme - April-July 2005
Pre-training - AQSIQ Internship Programme - 7-18 March 2005