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There were some high level speakers like Mr Bo Xilai (Chinese Minister of Commerce) or Mr Alejandro Jara (WTO Chairman of the Council for trade in services). The opening ceremony was moderated by Mr Yi Xiaozhun (Assistant Minister of Commerce) and the speakers were Mr Bo Xilai (Minister of Commerce), Mr Han Zheng and Mr Alejandro Jara. Mr Bo Xilai pointed out the role of services in international trade in general and the role of China in trade in services in particular. He mentioned that although China increased its trade in services enormously in the past few years the volume was still quite low. More efforts are necessary to strengthen Chinese position in the international scene. Mr Han Zheng stressed the special position of Shanghai in the development process in China. Shanghai has experienced exceptional rate of growth and about 90% of total production as well as employment are now in the service sector. Mr Jara explained the recent negotiations and levels of commitments of various members of WTO. He hoped that China would play a leading role in WTO. Session 1 was moderated by Mr Grant Aldonas (Former US Under Secretary of Commerce). Mr Sun Zhenyu (Chinese Permanent Representative to WTO) mentioned that an important part of Doha Development Agenda (DDA) was negotiations on trade in services. He elaborated ChinaДs participation in DDA services negotiations and informed the future actions China would take. Mr Anwarul Hoda (Indian Planning Commission) talked about developments in trade in services in India. He pointed out both successes and failures experienced by India. Session 2 was moderated by Mr Wang Xinkui (President of Shanghai Consulting Council/WTO). Mr Norman Sorensen (Chairman of Coalition of service Industries of the US) stressed the necessity to liberalize trade in services. China should take a leadership role at the WTO and exercise its influences with developing countries. Mr Mikio Sasaki (Chairman of the Mitsubishi Corporation) explained the activities of Japan service Network and stressed the Japanese support to ChinaДs accession to the WTO. Mr Knud Pontoppidan (Vice president of Moller-Maersk) focused on regulatory issues related to international maritime transportation. Session 3 was moderated by Mr Lee Yi Shyan (CEO of International Enterprise, Singapore). Mr James Gagne (Managing Director BAX Global Limited) gave a snapshot of logistic service standards in China. Mr Nicholas Brooke (Chairman of Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries) talked about combining the best of local and global practices to the advantage of clients. He stressed on sustainability of cities, optimization of development, valuation of international standards and affordability of residential accommodation. Mr Pascal Kerneis (Managing Director European Services Forum) explained the terms out-sourcing and in-sourcing and showed international trends in this respect. He also explained the current state of GATS. Mr Eddy Chan (Vice President FedEx Express in China) illustrated the booming Chinese logistic industry after the entrance into WTO. The last session was moderated by Mr Gao Yunfei (Director of China Business Network). Mr Mushtaq Hussain (principal Administrator Eurostat) gave a statistical overview of EU-China trade in services. He stressed that although the volume of trade was still quite low it had been expanding very fast. Mr Chen XinДs (President Shanghai Century Publishing Group) presentation characterised the prospects of trade from publishing industries point of view. Mr Richard Braddock (Director, Macquire University in Australia) talked about the role of education, in particular the role of trade in education services in fostering economic growth. Mr Chen Xianjin (President Shanghai World Expo) gave a detailed overview of the planned World Expo in Shanghai in 2010 and informed its influence on Shanghai service sector. Mr Philip Bartley (Director EU-China Trade Project) in his speech concentrated on environmental services in Europe. Mr Li Liangyuan (Deputy Secretary General Shanghai Municipal Government) in his closing speech thanked all speakers and stressed the necessity of such meetings in order to show the importance of trade in services in economic development. `я№їѓяht {h&CPhЏgэh&CP5!T`aэ ю  € ‘ bcя№њњњњђђђђђђђђђђђњђ№$a$gd&CPgd&CP№§0182PА‚. АЦA!А"А# $ %ААаАа а†œ@`ёџ@ &CPNormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@ђџЁD Default Paragraph FontRi@ѓџГR  Table Normalі4ж l4жaі (k@єџС(No List№ џџџџ!T`aэю€‘ b c яђ˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€№ №№џџ'Пк |Рк l_сСк<Љ›Тк„Ук |Љ›ФкЄ(пХк ь^сЦкŒ+ЅЧк UШк ”у Щкф'пЪк $(пЫкмЬк TЬ–Экъ—Юк Ќ_*Якd(пак $)Ѕбкфвк ФЯ–гк4l#дк Ќы—екt‡джк Œякзк„Њ—ик є†дйкЂжкк tь—лкдGамк |Я(нкфт окМŸдпкФирк РискŒ9Ютк ЄPЇук <Щ)фкt™хк\Э–!KKTFF1XX__WWззHH‰‰22nn) ) Щ Щ DM[[Dssјђ      !"#$%&)SS_KK9]]gg\\ммMMŽŽ44ss. . 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