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What is Trade-related Technical Assistance ?

“Our experience in implementing the Uruguay Round agreements shows the practical difficulties if one undertakes WTO commitments, however desirable in themselves, if the means are lacking to implement them.”

- European Commission, 2000

Trade-related technical assistance is a major theme of the Doha declaration (2001), which spelled out developed countries’ commitment to take development as the central focus of the new round trade liberalization and to help all countries to participate effectively in the new round of trade negotiations. At the UN Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, world leaders stressed the importance for development of support to remove supply side constraints to trade and of effective, secure and predictable financing of trade-related assistance and capacity building. The Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development also highlighted the need for mutually supportive trade, development and environmental policies.

The EU already dedicates considerable resources to trade-related assistance in developing countries, and is committed to continue doing so. Over � 640 million of EU funds for over 120 operations have been set aside for trade-related assistance projects, in the past 6 years, 30 per cent of which can be considered as technical assistance and capacity building. EU trade-related assistance focuses on enhancing effective participation in the multilateral trading system, and the policy and institutional reforms that are required as a result.

What activities does the EUCTP typically support?

EUCTP provides support mainly in the form of expertise and funding for cooperation projects that contribute to the realization of the Project Objectives. This can range from research and training programmes to giving seminars and workshops, both in China and in the EU. Examples of activities organized by EUCTP include:

聽§ Training, long- and short-term聽
聽§ Seminars, expert hearings, workshops, conferences, etc.聽
聽§ Facilitation of EU-China Dialogue in Trade聽
聽§ Field visits, study tours to the EU聽
聽§ Internships in the EU聽
聽§ Educational cooperation and academic training聽
聽§ Studies, research activities聽
聽§ Translations聽
聽§ Policy advice

How much funding is available for an individual聽project?

There聽are no聽limits for the amount of funding that is available for an individual project. EUCTP's funds total EUR 20.6 mln, designed to last 5 years spread across multiple beneficiaries.聽EUCTP allocates funds based on the merits and requirements of each project.

Can the EUCTP buy equipment like computer systems and greenhouse sprinklers for a beneficiary organization?

No. Technical Assistance from EUCTP takes the form of knowledge dissemination i.e. training, seminars, research, dialogue facilitation etc. Any equipment provided by the EUCTP is strictly to support activities and is to be returned after the conclusion of these activities.

How is the decision on which activities to implement made?

To learn about聽project聽selection, please click here.