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EU-China Seminar on the WTO Negotiations on Trade Facilitation March 23-24 2006
Trade Facilitation – streamlining import/export procedures, reducing customs-related fees and increasing transparency of import/export regulations - constitutes an effort to ease the way for trade and reduce transaction costs for companies when trading internationally in goods.

"EU-China Seminar on the WTO Negotiations on Trade Facilitation" was held in Beijing on March 23-24. The purpose of the seminar is to enhance the capacity of MOFCOM to negotiate in the WTO on Trade Facilitation issues and to facilitate dialogue between the EU and China on a possible Trade Facilitation agreement.

In the two-day seminar, international experts from WTO, OECD, WCO and Ad Valorem International Limited gave presentations related to theories and practices of trade facilitation and EU officials gave presentations related to EU’s approach in trade facilitation. Chinese officials on trade facilitation issues discussed that in China with some sessions. Moreover, speakers from industry also gave their stories of experiencing trade facilitation.

Participants from Chinese industry actively involved in the seminar. They were informed by trade facilitation negotiation progress and relevant issues and were given opportunities to raise their points on practical issues. It is worth noting that Chinese industry do have many complaints with the status quo of trade facilitation and do have barriers in communicating with officials. The seminar enhanced such communication and thus pushed the improvement of trade facilitation. 

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