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Survey - Trade Facilitation

Negotiations on Trade Facilitation are currently taking place in the World Trade Organization (WTO), with the objective of simplifying excessive import/../css/peeding up customs clearance_ and in general to increase trading efficiency._br__br_In view of China_n8fogz6ttwrg5w37w4zvym.css's increasingly important role in world trade and its soaring trade volume, eliminating procedural barriers to trade and streamlining import/export administration is becoming increasingly important. The EU-China Trade Project, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, has designed a questionnaire to be distributed to various enterprises trading in and out of China, with the aim of identifying administrative/procedural barriers to trade. The results will be used to facilitate the work of China's WTO negotiators on Trade Facilitation.

The questionnaire is available for download below. Please do not send us any filled-in questionnaires as the deadline for聽feedback has already passed. Analysis of the results can be downloaded below.

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Trade Facilitation Survey: Results Analysis(CN) - July 2005
Trade Facilitation Survey: Results Analysis(EN) - July 2005
Trade Facilitation Questionnaire