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Seminar on EU Trade Defence Instruments 14-18 Nov 2005

WTO rules allow for Anti-Dumping measures as a trade remedy against imports that are exported at below normal value. China’s exports have undergone rapid growth following its accession to the WTO, and China has also become the world’s largest target for anti-dumping investigations and measures.

The “Seminar on EU Trade Defence Instruments” was held in Beijing (14 Nov), Wuhan (16 Nov) and Nanjing (18 Nov). The purpose of the seminars was to enhance the understanding of both central and local government and local companies of EU Anti-Dumping procedures, as well as to build the capacity of Chinese enterprises in responding to Anti-Dumping investigations. The participants included officials from the Europeans Commission’s Anti-Dumping Service, European legal practitioners working on anti-dumping cases, Chinese officials and representatives from Chinese enterprises.

Topics covered included an overall introduction of EU Anti-Dumping practice and procedures, Market Economy Treatment, Individual Treatment, use of Analogue Country in Anti-Dumping investigations, Circumvention and Absorption reviews and requests for information, including the use of questionnaires.

The Handbook on EU Anti-Dumping Procedures for Producers and Exporters in China and the seminar documentation can be downloaded below.

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Seminar Presentations - Seminar on EU Trade Defence Instruments
Handbook on EU Anti-Dumping Procedures for Producers and Exporters in China