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Study Tour - Cosmetics - 16-23 October 2005
Import procedures of cosmetics in China are hampered by cumbersome product registration and labelling requirements. Local re-approval requirements for imported cosmetics could be abolished if China accepted international safety assessment procedures. The conclusions of the COLIPA mission to China from September 2004 resulted in a conference between Chinese and European experts on safety assessment for cosmetics. Both European industry and authorities considered that it was mutually beneficial to let European and Chinese experts exchange views on how safety assessment procedures are regulated in China and in the European Union. The Chinese participants also had the occasion to meet representatives from the European Commission and Colipa.

Twelve Chinese government officials attended the Safety Assessment Conference scheduled to take place on October 18 and 19 in Brussels. In addition they participated in a series of field visits to several representative European Cosmetics companies. Meetings with relevant European Commission officials had also been arranged.

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EU-China Cosmetics Safety Assessment Conference Documentation and Offical Report