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EU-China Seminar on toy safety and social & environmental standards,13 -14th/Jul,2006
The seminar aimed to establish a platform where the best practices of standards inspection and surveillance in the EU were introduced to the Chinese counterparts and where Chinese regulatory agencies and market players were able to obtain the latest information on the development in EU legislations relevant to the toy sector.

Topics discussed at the seminar include European legislation on toys safety, CEN safety standards, European Environmental Directives on the toys sector and conformity of RoHS Directive. Understanding of these issues is of vital importance to Chinese exporters to be eligible to place their products on the European markets. An equally important focus is put on raising awareness of the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the toy industry and how companies can contribute to social and environmental objectives in their sector.

The topics discussed during the first day included:
a)General Overview of the European Toy Market
b)General Overview of China’s Toy Market
c)Toy Safety Directives in Europe
d)Toys Safety Inspection and Surveillance in China
e)Toy Safety Standards (CEN – ISO)
f)Introduction of the Requirements and the Legal Status of EN 71-2 and 71-9/10/11

The topics discussed during the second day were as below:

g)European Environmental Directives and its Implications to the Toy Industry (the WEEE and RoHS Directives)
h)Enforcement and Assessing Conformity with the RoHS Directive
i)Analysis of Non Compliance Cases of Toys Manufactured in China
j)Benefits of CSR and the Costs of Overlooking it
k)Leading the way in Ethical Manufacturing

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Seminar Documentation Package - Toy Safety

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