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Pre-training - AQSIQ Internship Programme - 7-18 March 2005

This training scheme has been organized in order to prepare the officials for internships in the EU in April 2005. Although mainly designed for officials going to Brussels, the courses were open to a wider audience within AQSIQ. The training addressed the need to promote a general understanding of the political and economic flows that drive the European integration process, as well as the institutional structures that enable the EU to formulate and implement policies.

In addition, the training also covered more technical aspects of the EU standardization policy and "New Approach" towards regulatory policy in the areas of food safety and standards. The training programme took two full weeks to complete and was structured around lectures on key EU integration as well as on the European SPS (or TBT) regulatory framework topics, delivered by expert speakers from both the EU and China. Attention was given to providing AQSIQ trainees ample time to raise questions to the relevant experts.

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Pre-training Presentations - AQSIQ Internship Programme