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Study - EU-China Trade & Investment Relations: Partnership for a Sustainable Future
China’s impressive economic growth has not come without environmental problems. China now tops world rankings in many areas of pollution, energy consumption and environmental desecration. However, just as foreign investment and trade has had a profound impact on driving China’s economic growth, it can have a similar impact on the sustainability of China’s economic growth. The economies of the EU and China share many complementarities, particularly in the field of environmental industries.

This study will identify and examine issues which will potentially form part of a comprehensive agenda for enhanced dialogue and cooperation between the EU and China on sustainable trade and investment, which seeks to promote sustainable development through enhanced trade and investment. It will examine the challenges facing expansion of trade and investment cooperation in these sectors, as well as the steps required to reach optimal trade and investment conditions and the likely impacts of enhanced trade.

The study will be completed and available for download by the end of 2006.