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EU-China Conference on Competition Policy - 22 April 2005

The EU-China Conference on Competition Policy, attended by China's Vice-Minister of Commerce Ma Xiuhong and the EU's Director-General for Competition Philip Lowe, provided an opportunity for both sides to exchange views and experiences in the legislation and enforcement of competition policy and law.

China is currently in the process of reviewing the Anti-Monopoly Law,聽planned to be passed in 2006, to complement its existing set of laws and regulations governing competition. The EU, with several decades of experience in legislating and enforcing competition policy and law, has been providing technical assistance to the PRC Ministry of Commerce.

The conference documentation, as well as summaries of the speeches and presentations made,聽are聽available for download below.

For Detailed Information Click Here
EU-China Competition Policy Conference Document Package
EU-China Competition Policy Conference Speech Summaries